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A book of portraits of people at home, beautifully woven together by their stories.

For the last year I have been photographing people in their homes. Their kindness and candor has overwhelmed me and I am now in the last stages of designing a book to share their stories.

My incredibly talented sister Sacha Blackburne helped me create this film. I hope you enjoy it .. and are dying to buy the book!

A look at how the book came together

Amanda has decided to self-publish in order to retain complete creative control. She has agonized over every image and every word and is now working on finalizing the book design and working with a printer to create an absolutely stunning book to house this incredible constellation of characters. Please consider helping her weave the last threads of the Tapestry together by contributing to her INDIEGOGO campaign!
Hardback with foil stamped fabric cover
230-240 pages   |   9×12″   |   partially recycled matte paper
First Edition of 2000
Amanda Temple  – FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHER  – Bermuda • Paris • London

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Amanda Temple Photography Bermuda

Amanda Temple creates authentic portraits that capture the love and tenderness between people. Film by Sacha Blackburne. Original song written and performed by Heather Nova.


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