02. 2023

For Every Ssuccess Stories there are Million Failures! Donìt elude yourself

I will no longer allow these social media giants & internet corporations to be the only managers of my public voice.

He was my friend but what friend was I in the end.
B.M 29.01.23 That’s your number bro.


In the process of unfriending people that I don’t know personally on Fb and then I run into you Carol McFarlane. If I had known that you were going to leave so early I would have given you even more shit while you were still here!
Couldn’t bring myself to delete any more fb friends after that. How much you would shit on me for even saying something like that if you were still around! I’m so sorry so sorry that you had to go. why?

Wow. Was about to write something so important that I wanted to put it into writing and then forgot what! Not a good sign.

After a quarter of a century working on a project that hasn’t come to fruition. What does that mean? You really love doing it
I would say that after working for quarter of a century on a project that has bared no fruits you must really love what you are doing

WE don’t seem to think at all alike . Is it me that is on the wrong page?
Like thinking people

Don’t forget the base
So many ideas but nobody to collaborate with


I can’t die here. if I do what have I accomplished

I can’t believe how much of life’s precious time I’ve wasted
I have to work the cycle

Constructive criticism & feedback on thoughts herein the comment section is welcome and appreciated


Oct 26,
I had an interesting thought but it had been forgotten by the time I went through the process necessary to create this post here on WordPress. This needs to be improved

June 7

R U Serious?! Do you want me to never leave the house again ?!

June 11, 2020

After such an intense, gut-filled , primordial comment, how am I gonna write any whiny, dumb shit here any time soon?

May 28. 2020

Lynch the m***** f***** !!!

Justice for George Floyd change.org/p/mayor-jacob-frey-justice-for-george-floyd

May 18, 2020

Bye Bye 4 a while FB. Catch you again if and when the second covid wave rolls in!

June 16, 2018

How my body aches and yearns to be suspended and mended in a natural salt bath off the isles of Bermuda

June 14, 2018

Been chasing this mouse/ these mice for weeks.( I’m thinking it must be a team because I close down one shop and the next night they’ve opened another). If he/she / they only knew how much work s/he’s/ they’ve got me doing maybe s/he’d/they’d be kind enough to get off my frikin terrace and move out to the frikin country somewhere! And anyway how the hell did he she it or they get up here?!

April 24, 2018

I can’t believe that …

Image result for toronto van incident

… anyone in North America (or for that matter any anglophone or modern civilized country) … would post anything on any social network (or anywhere at all) apart from heart felt condolences to the people and in particular the family and victims of the Toronto Ryder Van Incident.








image source: loopcayman.com/content/nine-dead-16-hurt-toronto-van-incident-1


April 22, 2018

it sucks when the wife goes away for the weekend … #noonetoblame for misplaced items!

March 15, 2018

How much I love the rain when the roof don’t leak …

Feb 27, 2018

Happy 16th Matilde G.. You might not know it yet but you are pretty much as special as they come!

How excited can a Dude get …

… finding a bag of screws and washers?!😅

There are just certain things that friends can and don’t do. Blow me but don’t blow me off!

Feb 22, 2018

Nothing much better than a day off during the week!

Feb 15, 2018

Are You f**king kidding me? the last time I celebrated snow on my birthday was during a drunken Blizzard in college!😵

Feb 1, 2018

Before I leave …

Jan 20, 2018

I hate saying “OK Google” too – I would much prefer something like “yo bitch!” or whatever the hell I feel like calling “her” at the time.


Jan 19, 2018

I’m almost happy that Italy didn’t make it to the World Cup – Personally I’m very disappointed in youth sports programs in the country.



Jan 14, 2018

I don’t know how in Hell’s name I watched the first few episodes of Sons of Anarchy and now I find out it went on for seven Seasons! Holy crap. People sure do have different tastes!

Jan 10, 2018

Why the f*** did I do that?

… it was a brand new journal. I was so happy to have found it. I had written four lines of bliss and then … a little bit of wine spilt on the first page .. consequently ripped out and then another and another and then the dreaded deed!

I shouldn’t have done it BUT …

… that journal could have been filled with a year’s worth of notes that in just a few seconds could have been burnt beyond recognition and irrecuperable.

A wake up call. How long will this feeling of dropping off the edge; this feeling of emptiness stay with me?

This time around I only lost €7 (€4.69 %33 discount!)

Dec 29, 2017
I’m done
Living in the land of sheep
Accepting things the way they are & going along with them
Playing by the rules of a Land that I’m not & never will be from
Being nice for the sake of being nice to try & make me feel as if I’m normal
Doing what is expected of me
Being someone else
Wasting time
Shying away from challenges
Pussy footing around
Thinking about all the things that could/should have been
Getting ripped off


Dec 17
Rage Against the Machine but do it wisely because that f****** machine will f/lock you up forever if you’re not careful.

Why do I keep looking at / checking my phone as if it is going to give me the answers?

Update: Jan 8 2018
I’m officially boycotting CNN and all other news networks that fill their spots with Trump
Nov 11
I can’t take it anymore. Every time I turn on any news channel the first word I hear is “Trump”. Really there’s no joking about it anymore. It’s totally out of control


@KathyGriffin Still not sorry over trump photo

I knew what I was doing


Oct 30
I’m really truly beginning to think that I can’t live on this planet as it is anymore and seeing as I don’t want to take my own life I’m going to have to do something to radically change it.

I’m going to write a post about institutional racism which I myself as a white man have finally begun to experience

What a great day at work today – I didn’t see my boss!

Sept 16

Through time and distance friendship does wane

Sept 14

Mainstream news channels – It’s ALL about what sells.

Sept 10

The unexpected, deeply sad and shocking news of the suicide of the father of one of my kids friends … Here we are grappling to every single thread while he was totally forsaking himself & his only teenage son. I should have punched him in his f****** face the last time I saw him

Non sono niente. Non sarò mai niente. Non posso voler essere niente. A parte ciò, ho in me tutti i sogni del mondo.


Sept 9

SKYPE: Since the day it was conceived I’ve always loathed it and it has never failed to delude even and especialy since it was gobbled up by Microsoft! #Stupidf***ks #net2phone

Sept 2

What is wind without trees? What are trees without wind? #Thankyouboth #Symbiosis

Aug 9

  • Opening the fridge and pulling out a (plastic) bottle of cold frizzy water (produced insitu) that has undergone micro-filtration and reverse osmosis. Pouring it into a glass and savouring it. Wow! #Enlightment2017
  • Don’t get caught up with the herd
  • Time to start a post about death especially now that being buried coffinless in the ground while giving nourishment to a young tree sapling could actually become reality. What an amazing thought – if everyone was buried in a biodegradable pod with a tree planted upon them …

image source: capsulamundi.it
Aug 7

  • Will we reduce the earth to a global desert? “By 2020, 60 million people from sub-Saharan Africa are expected to migrate because ofdesertification.” The Guardian
  • What if for one generation no one had kids? (or just one)

video source: AJ+ with Yara Elmjouie

July 3

  • WTF?! I hope no one tells me to rest in peace on my facebook profile when I’m out of here. Hey – No worries – No one knows your BIRTHday … Who the fuck is gonna know or care about your DIEday?!
  • I don’t remember who told me this – “If you ain’t done it by the time your 50 … Forget it!” I got about 6 months ’till 51. #BettaGetCrackin !

July 2

  • Can you have a mid-life crisis at 50? I guess you can but you gotta live to a ‘undread! … or maybe it just started around 35/40 & just ain’t over yet!
  • So … Let’s Get Real. It’s been forever that I’ve been trying to get off and … so .. let’s make a new “contract” … One day Get on. One day Get off. (Yesterday by chance was off!) Yahoo! Live for Today! (Actually, with the word “Get” they both sound like great days! 😉 … on 2nd thought … How ’bout two days Gettin’ it on & one day Gettin’ it off ?!
  • FB hit 2 billion users. What idiot said it was just a passing fad? On the other hand individual websites for little guys (like me) inspiring to make their mark on the world are a thing of the past and are going to die out. So? You gotta a solution? Yep!
  • What’s the point of living if we already know the end? And to Gary Wu … don’t think life can be considered as a “piece of cake!”

… one day it just all starts to Slip Away …

Listening to Joy T. Barnum

June 29

Is there anything better than takeout pizza ?

The best pizzaman in the world … if not the universe! Tony MC

  • Riddle #1 – How much beer can you suck out of an empty beer bottle?
  • The best thing about working out in the morning is you’ve got the whole rest of the day to party with a clean conscience! On 2nd thought – Better to ride that natural high all by itself. Yes! I guess … Really?

June 28

  • If I were to die tonight I would die with many regrets. All the things that I coulda, shoulda, but didn’t. How often can you truly say that you’ve lived life to the max?
  • The instant it is done it becomes history. Is there anything more important than history?
  • I used to ‘hook greenys‘ when I was young and as best to my recollection I believe I was proud of it, however disgusting that may be to some of you and also to my current self! Now I hook a greeny and my doctor prescribes me ten days of antibiotics! #HowTimesChange #ForTheBetter or #ForTheWorse ?!

June 26

  • It’s not so difficult to understand why some of us decide to take our own lives. #Whatsthesense ?
  • Make sure that you’ve put everything on the table before signing the contract.

June 17,

Is there anything more definite than death?


… but you’re gone and sooner or later I will be too. And with me all the memories.

Next time around I’m reading the small print. #Howthehelldidibuyintothis

June 10, 2017

Who wouldn’t have thrown game 4 for $12 million? I’d take into serious consideration doing the same for game 5!



June 8, 2017

My mind says no but my body says yes. Is that even possible?!

Featured image source: lifehack.org/articles/lifestyle/how-to-master-your-mind-part-one-whos-running-your-thoughts

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