I’m not a computer geek …

2240321_print_1I’m not a computer geek but sometime I wish I were.

I clearly remember receiving a DOS  computer from my parents in the early eighties and thinking that it was one of the most amazing things ever sinceSaturday morning cartoons. I would only relive that sensation again with my first ipod a quarter of a century later!

I spent hours,  if not days – more like months – investigating that DOS machine but as I turned sixteen and aquired the new-found freedom of my red, gold and green 50cc Peugeout moped, bombing  to school along the North Shore in the mornings  and to “Sessions” in the evenings took the precedence over that Disk Operating System that ended up sitting in the corner building up cobwebs.

In 1995 my companion and the mother of my two children informed me that it was absolutely essential that we purchased a computer as she was preparing her thesis and it would cost an astronomical amount to have someone else write and print it out. I was absolutely contrary (as I was with her first mobile phone) How far could I have been off the mark?!

Sometimes I ask myself – “What  would’ve become of me if I had become a coder?”  That’s like saying – “What if I hadn’t put all my life savings into stock in 2008?” How many “What ifs” have we (I) got in our lives? Some things we just have to deal with, let them go and get on with it – It just weren’t meant to be that way!

1999: The age of dial-up Internet access and sloppy HTML websites  with “under construction signs  rampant – no Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or Youtube. Google was still a new-born enterprise.

It was within this setting of the early World Wide Web that the idea of Bermudians.com came about one damp and drizzly, end-of-summer day  in 1999 in the East End of the island of Bermuda …

Bermudians com invoice 1999


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