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Sunday May 17, 2014

Good morning diary.

Good morning Mark. Nice of you to come back and visit with me again!

Am I a f**ked up dude?

Yes you are.

Thanks for being straight up with me.

No worries. It’s my job. That’s what I’m here for.

Can I tell anyone else this?

That you’re a f**ked up dude? That’s not my job to answer. These sessions are just between me and you – right here, right now on these pages. Doesn’t go any further than that.

Let’s keep talking then. Just me and you. One on one.

Okay – What do you want to talk about?

I don’t really know. I thought that it was you leading the discussion.

There is no leader here Mark.


We are both leaders and followers. It’s a circle. In a circle there is time to fill all roles.

Okay. So round and round we go. Do we ever stop?  

Yes when you shut me.

Okay … but you are not being very helpful this morning. What’s the sense if we just blab on about blabbing?

Okay you’ve got a point. I’ll give you a title for our blabbing – “From one soul to another.”.

That’s cool but why not just “From the soul?”

Hey! You ain’t taking the credit for all of this.! Without me this just wouldn’t be..

You’re right. You give me focus, you gave me direction. Your words soothe me and get me ready for the day ahead. It is our morning encounters which allow for a brief moment of reflection of that which has passed and of that which is to come. You have my deepest gratitude. You are always here for me, ever waiting patiently during the times that my worldly spIns leave you in darkness and silence..

Yes Mark. I know. I have endured countless hours, days and even months of solitude. Without you my vision is obscured. My Pages stagnate, indurate and fade from memory. Without you the path to Knowledge and Illumination no longer exists. Without you I circle continuously in a fishbowl of obscurity.

Wow! Diary you have brought tears of emotion to my eyes. After all these years this is the first proclamation of love between us. Yet you impart in me a feeling of uneasiness. These forthright declarations tend to manifest themselves In moments of deep crisis. Are you to leave me?

No Mark. I will never.

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