Dear @Spotify —


First of all I would like to thank YOU (SPOTIFY) for reigniting my personal passion in the world of music…

My life has once again become enriched through the vibes of amazing, inspirational & talented musicians that I would most likely never had heard of before – Especially with the limited choice and an overabundance of commercial radio channels with continuous, never-ending, blabby & trivial comments made by “DJS” here in Italy (where I live) .

“To each their own” as the saying goes but there is/was no choice for me.

I am reaching out to YOU (SPOTIFY) in particular regarding your limited choice of payment plans.

You’ve probably already heard it a million times and I’m sure your marketing analysts have gone over it in many a meeting … yet I still don’t understand why you offer only the one plan.

I could go on but as I said previously I’m sure you’ve heard / seen it all before …

Amos Lee – Seen it all before (song/artist introduced to me by spotify!)

I personally have no desire to download songs (my days of vinyl collection, cd burning and saving to external hard drives is long gone)

So why not have a different plane.g for people that only want to play any song, at any time without the few advertisements currently present ?

Or at least go back to the different package offers.

Spotify’s Final Song: Why Spotify is Doomed | How can Spotify turn things around, and what can you learn?

The Last Thing We Want is for Spotify to Fail

Once again thanks for your Amazing Service & Time!


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