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 More than a century on this amazing planet we call Earth. How much has she suffered due to my ignorance, unconstrained desires and consequent consumption. Time for a new chapter. Time to really make a difference!

Below is the first entry of the log of my efforts to live an environmentally friendly life while trying to reduce my carbon footprint. Feel free to drop any constructive suggestions in the comment section below! ūüôā M


Are pens bad for the environment? https://greencouncil.org/hkgls/GL004001_rev3.pdf

The environmental impact of pen is related to the content of heavy metals and organic
solvents in the product and consumption of resources. The release of heavy metals from pen may have toxic effects on human and the environment. Organic solvent in ink may be harmful to the health of users and contribute to the formation of photochemical oxidants. Discarding of pens and the packaging would present burden on consumption of resources.


June 23

The People vs. Arctic Oil lawsuit! .savethearctic.org

mm support campaign against artic drilling

June 8


  • Turned my car off at the traffic light near work¬† Not the first time that I’ve sdone that …¬†I always do so while stopped at train level crossings …¬†but I will turn the engine off whenever I can now and in particular when stopped at those lights that I am well acquainted with. I wonder what actual amount of fuel is saved and what the reduction in emissions would amount to?

Update: After reading this articles about Start-Stop Technology I’m going to have to check with my mechanic as my car’s almost 10 years old. I’ve got a feeling this one is not currently for me! ūüôĀ

Multiple engine starts in a short amount of time would put a lot of stress on conventional starter motors, to the point of destroying them prematurely –¬†

The Engine Start-Stop Systems Conspiracy

  • Refilled my water bottles¬†¬†(would like to have a filtering system at home!)¬†casedellacqua.net

water dispenser

greenpeace.org/australia | facebook | twitter


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